Website is currently being upgraded!

I am currently in the process of upgrading the new website to be much better and easier to use!

Thanks for your patience as the website is being upgraded! :-)


Welcome to!

This is the new website for! Please visit often, as this site is brand new, and I will be adding new content and awesome recipes as much as I am able to, time permitting.

Thanks for visiting!

Ari's Blog Test

This is Ari's test of the "Blog" feature on I am logged into the Drupal system using Ari's normal credentials.

The defaults for the Text format are "Filtered HTML", but I will play around with it after this first entry to see what differences there are in the different options.

I will now save this. WAIT!~~~!!! I JUST NOW NOTICED the TOP MENU BAR THat appeared~!!

I am pretty sure that is where the admin stuff is once logged in with an account that had admin privs...

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The Ultimate Roast Chicken

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